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Visa information:

All persons intending to enter The People’s Republic of China from outside countries must first have a valid passport and a Chinese visa.We can help you with obtaining your Chinese visa by providing you with an invitation letter to hand in with your visa application.Any other circumstances or special needs for visa application can be communicated to Master Yuan via e-mail.

Visas can be extended here in town for up to one year.After one year, foreigners are required to leave the country in order to apply for a new visa.Most students who stay for more than one year simply travel to Hong Kong or other neighboring countries to do so.

Travel information:

Wudang Mountain (武当山– Wu Dang Shan in Chinese Pin Yin pronunciation) is located in the province of Hubei, located in Southern Central China.
The most common route for students coming to study is from Beijing.From Beijing, one can travel by airplane or train to Wudang.The train, about a 20 hour ride, is much cheaper and more direct than flights.If you are planning on taking the train, purchase a ticket for the K279 train to a town called wudang shan.Wudang shan train station is located about 20 minutes from the school.If you cannot purchase a ticket to wudang shan train station, purchase one for Shi Yan.Shi Yan is a city located about 1 hour from the school.
The following are some directions and Chinese phrases to print out to help with your ticket purchase:

Take a taxi to the Beijing West train station.

“Please take me to the Beijing West train station” – 。 (beijing xi zhan)

Purchase a ticket for the train, K279, to wudang shan.

“I would like to buy a ticket for the K279 train to wudang shan .” – (wo mai yi zhang qu wudang shan de huoche piao)。

Choose either a soft sleeper or hard sleeper ticket.

“Soft sleeper” – (ruan wo)
“Hard sleeper” – (ying wo)

If you are going to be flying from Beijing, purchase a plane ticket to Xiang Yang city.Xiang Yang is located about 2.5 hours away from Wudang.If you would like for a taxi to meet you at the airport, please communicate this to Master Yuan in a timely manner so that it can be arranged.

Helpful hints:

When travelling, be sure to keep an eye on your belongings.Keep your passport, money, and other valuables on your person at all times.
Make sure that you keep Master Yuan updated on your travel plans so that it can be arranged for someone to meet you at the airport or train station upon arrival.
Some people have trouble setting up a VPN in China, if you wish to use one it is best to arrange this before departure

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